The Hi-Pro story began in 1968 when the Friona, Texas mill was built to service the growing beef cattle feeding industry in the Texas panhandle. Since 1972 Friona has operated as Hi-Pro Feeds and this brand has been synonymous with the South Central US cattle feeding business. Friona was the first of the mills to be named Hi-Pro Feeds and it has a deep history of dedication and a sense of ownership that continues strongly to this day. This resolve was tested in June 1995 when a F4 tornado destroyed the majority of the facility. The following morning plans were in place to allow for the simultaneous removal of debris and rebuild of the mill. Downtime was limited to only 45 days. In the spring of 2008 the local, family-owned and operated feed manufacturing mills of Cheyenne, Clovis, and Comanche were purchased. This furthered the ability of Hi-Pro Feeds to serve the needs of the beef and dairy industries as well as their dealer rancher partners across a much greater geography. These four and a half decades demonstrate a proud legacy of Hi-Pro Feeds serving cattle feed and horse feed needs in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Historically, as today, Hi-Pro Feeds has been an innovator and early adopter of animal nutrition and feed manufacturing science. Each decade is marked by significant innovations by Hi-Pro Feeds: The 1960s saw the unique idea of providing nutritional services to make the most of feed additives; the 1970s included the first computer livestock feed formulation program; the 1980s experienced the use of Near Infrared rapid and on-site proximate analysis; the 1990s included advanced amino-acid-digestibility-based on animal nutrition formulation; and the 2000s were marked by Hi-Pro Feeds being one of the first livestock feed companies in North America to develop internationally recognized quality control programs and certifications. Employee cross training and the sharing of technical and product innovations occurs routinely between employees throughout the mill system. Leaders from all sites meet in person regularly to share ideas, challenge process, and clarify Hi-Pro Feeds; goals - resulting in a lean and progressive management style.