Hi-Pro Feeds works closely with KER to provide leading-edge technology in the Hi-Pro Equine Feeds Premium Nutrition Program. Fortified KER micronutrients have been carefully added to each feed product at the ideal level to ensure the horse gets the micronutrients it needs. When a high quality forage source and proper management accompany these feeds, owners and trainers can expect the best out of their horses every day.

About KER

KER was founded in 1988. This private equine research company specializes in nutrition and exercise physiology. KER operates on 6 continents, and has served as nutrition advisors for the past 5 Equestrian Olympic Games. The quantity of KER published equine research articles rivals that of leading universities.


  • A program that directs horse owners to the Hi-Pro Premium Equine Product that is the best choice to feed for each specific horse.
  • It also recommends feed amounts.
  • To get  your specialized recommendation, provide the weight, stage of life, level of activity and pasture availability of the horse at www.microsteed.com/hi-pro.

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