Photo of Alfa-Pro bag

March 8, 2016

Over the past couple of years, Hi-Pro Feeds has been working hard to bring a fortified ground alfalfa horse cube to the market that meets the needs of the mature horse. The product has been tested and sold in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona markets since 2014. Hi-Pro Feeds is excited to announce that Alfa-Pro™ will be available to horse owners in a durable 50 Ib. bag that will be easily recognizable at their local Hi-Pro Feeds dealer.

“Alfa-Pro is a premium ground alfalfa complete feed cube with 14% crude protein, and 2.5% fat,” states Matt McMillan, Ph.D., Equine Nutritionist at Hi-Pro Feeds. “We formulated this product with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of the mature horse, which includes added vitamin E and selenium to help reduce the chances of tying up while increasing immune function. Pre- and probiotics have also been added to aid in digestive health.”  

This is a convenient and easy product to feed at home or take on the road with your horses. It can replace hay or pasture, and is a more consistent form of forage compared to feeding hay with less dust.

“We’ve taken the time to ensure that Alfa-Pro meets the quality standards that our customers expect from us. It is a great base diet for mature horses where other feeds can be included as part of the feeding program depending on the horse’s level of activity and stage of life,” mentions McMillan.  

To understand how Alfa-Pro can fit into your horse’s feeding program, check out The Microsteed™ program will provide specific feed recommendations based on a horse’s weight, stage of life, level of activity and pasture availability. Alfa-Pro is available at any Hi-Pro dealer in the US. To learn more about the product, go to