April 15, 2015

The Hi-Pro Feeds US Equine team is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Kentucky Equine Research® (KER). This association will provide benefits to the horse that their owners are looking for. 

“The Hi-Pro Horse Feeds product portfolio is now fortified with micro-nutrients provided by KER,” says Dr. Matt McMillan, Nutrition/Technical Sales Representative for Hi-Pro Feeds. “At Hi-Pro, we constantly search the world to find the best science, research and technology wherever it is, and adopt it to our feed products. A partnership with KER only makes sense. They are a known leader in equine nutrition research globally.”

The KER micronutrients have been carefully added to the Hi-Pro Horse Feed product line so that the horse is getting the best nutrition possible for their specific situation. Horse owners can have access to an advanced ration evaluation program at www.microsteed.com/hi-pro to determine whether their current feed rations are optimal. Given the horse’s weight, activity, and type of forage being fed, a different alternative for feed may be considered given the horse’s stage of life.

“Horse owners can also sign up for a weekly newsletter that provides information on equine nutrition and health news through www.hi-pro.equinenews.com,” states McMillan. “This weekly email comes to you with information that is timely and credible. It keeps you up-to-date without having to go look for it.”


Photo: Screenshots of the MicroSteed™ ration evaluation program