Agricultural News

Dicamba Drama

Arkansas sidestepped banning dicamba for the rest of the growing season Tuesday, but a voting error pulls the question back up again on Friday.

Ag Lenders Take Caution

There are pockets of more severe financial strain, such as dryland wheat country in the western Plains and in the Southeast U.S., although lenders at last week's the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank's annual Ag Symposium did not report an excessive amount of troubled loans.

Trump Salutes Ag

President Donald Trump used his trip to Iowa on Wednesday to hit on many of the issues important to farmers and ranchers.

Firm Fined for Cattle Trades

The CFTC settled charges against McVean Trading and Investments LLC of Memphis; its chairman and CEO, Charles Dow McVean Sr.; and firm president, Michael Wharton, as well as a consultant for the investment firm, Samuel Gilmore. Collectively, the company and employees agreed to pay $5 million in fines.

Pest Roundup

Growers are old hands at spotting soybean aphids and Japanese beetles, but bacterial leaf streak of corn is likely to be less familiar to most this year.

NFU to USDA: Open up CRP

The National Farmers Union wants USDA to open up emergency haying and grazing on CRP acres in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Todd's Take

An admitted skeptic tips his hat to Leonardo of Pisa, a.k.a. Fibonacci.

Machinery Chatter

The Progressive Farmer's Jim Patrico, who traveled to Cuba last fall, looks at what the Trump administration is saying about U.S. and Cuba and how this might affect agriculture in the two countries.

By the Numbers

When most farmers look at their financial ratios, they analyze either their trends over time or relative to benchmarks. But it's also helpful to dig into what is driving their bottom line and to do "what if" analysis to see the impact different changes would have.