Agricultural News

Groups Push E15

National biofuel interest groups are pressing members of Congress to pass legislation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to change rules to allow the E15 market to expand.

"Do No Harm" Urged in Trade Talks

Farm leaders representing ag exports in beef, pork, rice, corn and wheat are all somewhat concerned about losing their current market access as a result of the Trump administration's planned renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Others, however, said the administration could use the trade talks to lower the national trade deficit and recalibrate trade so it benefits farmers more and corporations less.

Crop Tech Corner

In this week's Crop Tech Corner, Illinois researchers work with Kraft to make corn a source of natural food dyes, EPA's pyrethroid review is open for comment again and GM crops make strides around the world.

Wicked Weed Worries

Scientists from around the world are meeting this week to discuss the ongoing issue of weeds that can outsmart controls.

Soil Health Action Plan

The Soil Health Institute, a joint effort by the Noble Foundation and the Farm Foundation, released a plan Thursday detailing its goal to engage researchers, farmers, businesses and other foundations to improve the health of soils for food production.

Todd's Take

Corruption allegations in Brazil have become a new bearish influence on U.S. soybean prices in 2017.

DTN Fertilizer Outlook

Average retail fertilizer prices continued to hold steady the second week of May 2017. One fertilizer services manager in Illinois said it's not clear what direction fertilizer prices might head next.

Stressing US-Mexican Trade

A trade delegation of Mexican grain buyers held a press conference Tuesday with the governor of Nebraska to stress the importance of the U.S.-Mexico agricultural ties amid concerns over the likely renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Second Time's the Charm

Experts weigh in on factors to consider before deciding to replant corn and soybeans this spring.