Agricultural News

Blizzard Hits Spring Calves

A spring blizzard that blasted much of South Dakota late last week and this past weekend killed some livestock, though total losses are not yet known.

Ag's HR Coach

High-performing farm teams all have one factor in common -- trust.

Fire Sweeps Across Oklahoma

Two large, still-burning wildfires have already killed at least two people and burned thousands of acres of land and destroyed several homes and ranches in Oklahoma.

The Market's Fine Print

Can protein manufactured in a test tube really be called "beef" or "meat?" That's a question the U.S. Cattlemen's Association wants USDA to answer.

Grow Good Neighbors

Farmers who grow specialty corn in the same general area need to communicate and plan with their neighbors growing different specialty corn to ensure these crops are preserved and premiums can be realized.

DTN Fieldwork Roundup

Cold and wet weather has stalled fieldwork across much of the country, leaving vital planting prep such as weed control, fertilizer and tillage to the last minute.

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

Average retail prices for seven of the eight major fertilizers were up the second week of April 2018, while the price of one fertilizer was down compared to the previous month.

Good to Great

This farmer's pursuit for higher yields is fueled by a push for better technology.

Vote Clears House Farm Bill

The House farm bill passed the Agriculture Committee on Wednesday on a 26-20 margin and heads to the full House with changes to overhaul the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in different ways. The bill could make it to the floor in early May.