Photo of Ted Cruz and Hi-Pro employees in front of feed pallets

October 19, 2016

On October 10th, Senator Ted Cruz’s West Texas Agricultural Tour visited the Hi-Pro Feeds mill in Friona, Texas to gain a better understanding of the animal feed industry and the obstacles producers are facing. The Friona team consisting of John Ingram, Mark Osborn, Brice Tabor and Varla Wilcox organized the tour, and discussed current challenges and future uncertainties surrounding the agriculture industry with Senator Cruz and his team. 

Mark Osborn, Plant Manager at the mill, led the tour which explored the full production cycle of manufacturing feed from receiving raw ingredients to finished bulk and bag feed. Throughout the tour Senator Cruz and his colleagues were impressed with the volume and variety of feeds that the facility produces. The Friona mill features state of the art equipment, and is well positioned geographically to serve large scale cattle and dairy operations throughout west Texas and beyond.

The visit allowed Hi-Pro Feeds to showcase their expertise in the animal feed industry, the important role they play in producing high quality, consistent feed for livestock producers throughout the region. After the tour Hi-Pro employees from Friona met with Cruz and his colleagues to discuss the impacts that current and potential future regulations have on all aspects of the feed industry.

“I was really impressed with Senator Cruz’s desire to learn about our operations and our industry,” said John Ingram, Director of US Operations at Hi-Pro Feeds. “We know Cruz has challenged what some people say are unnecessary and burdensome regulations in the agriculture industry. It was nice to see his desire to learn about Hi-Pro Feeds and the agriculture industry, and how they can better serve and promote agriculture on a State and Federal level.”

Senator Cruz made it clear that he understands the importance of the agriculture industry in Texas and the rest of United States. When discussing challenges in the industry, Cruz continually listened to the concerns. 

Throughout the afternoon Cruz and his team could sense the passion the Hi-Pro Feeds team shared for the company they work for, and the customers they serve.

Ingram was proud to promote the Hi-Pro Feeds Employee Share Program and said, “Employees at Hi-Pro Feeds act like owners, because most of us are owners.”

Cruz and his colleagues were very fond of the idea and wished others in the agriculture industry explored and adopted a similar ownership strategy.

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