Hi-Pro employees stand with their Ag Day story awards.

February 23, 2017

Last week Hi-Pro Feeds employees in the Okotoks, Alberta office celebrated Canada’s Agriculture Day (#CdnAgDay), by reflecting on the numerous ways agriculture has impacted their lives. Many of our employees grew up, and live in agricultural communities. Several are actively involved in agriculture outside of their duties with Hi-Pro Feeds. And there are others that live in the city that have learned a lot about agriculture while working at Hi-Pro Feeds.

The office had a group lunch, and employees were asked to share a quick story about how agriculture has impacted their lives, and what it means to them. Here are a few stories that were shared by the group.

Laureen (Logistics)

“I grew up on a small family farm in rural Manitoba. After leaving home and going to school I began to work in agriculture and to this day I am still working in the industry. My husband has grown up around agriculture and has worked in the industry for 27 years. Agriculture has given me everything in my life, my family, the opportunity to meet my husband, my kids, values that you only find within agriculture, and the ability to live and communicate with everyone in rural Canada to make my life full.”

Burhan (Finance)

“Before I started working at Hi-Pro, I thought organic was always better. But the knowledge I have gained working in agriculture has helped me understand that this is not true. To know where your food is coming from and that you played a part in getting it to the table makes you more satisfied. You give more meaning to your work when you know somehow your work is contributing in making life of other people better and healthy.”

Jodie (Payroll)

“I fill up with a sense of pride and accomplishment when I reflect on my involvement with agriculture. There is nothing more rewarding than walking through your cow herd at daybreak, hearing the cows talking to their calves, watching your calves grow, then when grown, load out on the trailer to market, off to help feed families.”

John (Finance)

“I grew up Georgetown, which has a slogan “The Garden City.” It is located right above the equator at the mouth of a river and the soil is ideal for growing crops all year round. My country, Guyana, used to be called the breadbasket of the Caribbean as we shipped food by boat from the coast of South America to all the islands. Sometime in the 70’s, as we were transitioning from a more communist leaning government to a capitalist one, my dad and a few other businessmen were trying to convince the President in a meeting to allow more free trade and accept imports of food we can’t grow in the tropics, like flour. Someone leaned over and whispered in the President’s ear, and then he looked at my dad and said, “Comrade, your yard is concrete.” Soon we moved to a yard which had two mango trees, three banana trees and a sapodilla tree. We grew so much fruit, we couldn’t eat it all. So one summer my cousins and I picked a bunch, filled a box, balanced it on my bike, and went door-to-door selling. Agriculture and food earned me my first dollar and gave me a great memory of hard work paying off.”

There’s amazing diversity amongst our people and what they all contribute to the business at Hi-Pro Feeds. What was incredible about the stories shared during the luncheon  was that there was a lot of commonality around the topic of agriculture. Even if someone wasn’t from a farm, they had a story to share about agriculture. Each anecdote had an impact on the people. It helped us get to know and understand each other a little bit more.

Agriculture plays a vital role in the day-to-day lives of everyone. If you ate today, then agriculture is important to you. Hi-Pro Feeds looks forward to celebrating many more Canada Agriculture Days in the years to come, and agvocating for agriculture.

We would love to hear how agriculture has impacted your life.