Champion Oat Processors is a division of Hi-Pro Feeds that processes, markets and ships Northern Elite brand pony, racehorse, double and triple-cleaned oats, and oat groats throughout North America. Northern Elite oat products are the choice of producers in all classes of livestock, poultry and pet foods.

Northern Elite oat products are grown in the most northern agriculture region of Canada (Peace River) by farmers who practice safe and sustainable farming practices.  Some of the benefits of our oat products are:

  • Only the highest quality, wholesome oats make it to every bag of product.
  • An in-line dust extraction system at the processing facility produces dust-free oat products.
  • Northern Elite oats are grown on fertile soils in northern Alberta/British Columbia, Canada where the summer daylight is the longest in North America.
  • Special care is taken through all stages of processing to ensure a consistent product that meets high quality standards.
  • Good knowledge of transporting and shipping oat products internationally via truck, rail, ship or air in a cost-effective and efficient manner.