ProForm Poultry bag with two chickens and a turkey
Tag: 420201 · Form: Pellet · Weight: 20 kg

Feeding Instructions:

After feeding 26% Turkey Starter to 42 days of age, change to 22% Turkey Grower.  Feed as the sole ration to birds from 42 days of age to 63 days of age.  Then change to 18% Turkey Developer.  Fresh feed and water should be available to the turkeys at all times.  Grower-size insoluble grit should be offered free choice or sprinkled on the feed about once per week at the rate of 1 kg per 100 birds.

Caution: Directions for use must be carefully followed.

Individual results from the use of this product may vary due to management, environment, genetics, health and sanitation differences.  Therefore, Hi-Pro Feeds LP does not warrant or guarantee individual results.


A list of the ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant. This feed contains added Selenium at 0.3 mg/kg.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 22.0% Phosphorus (act) 0.9%
Crude Fat (min) 3.0% Vitamin A (min) 12,500 IU/kg
Crude Fibre (max) 5.0% Vitamin D (min) 4,000 IU/kg
Sodium (act) 0.16% Vitamin E (min) 30 IU/kg
Calcium (act) 1.2%