Pile of oat groats sample grains
· Form: Oats ·

Northern Elite Oat Groats are mechanically de-hulled oats.

Oats destined to become Northern Elite Oat Groats are produced from oats selected for colour, plumpness, kernel size, bushel weight, low moisture and low foreign material.

Special care is taken through all stages of processing to ensure a consistently high quality product. Northern Elite Oat Groats are used in all classes of livestock and pet foods. Oat Groats are traditionally used in pig starter; diets for growing and finishing pigs can include 60% groats (dehulled oats) instead of 20 to 40% oats. Oat Groats are a highly palatable, easily digestible source of protein and energy.

Northern Elite Oat™ Groats are available in bulk, bags and mini bulk totes.

Physical Specifications

Color White to Golden
Moisture 13.5% or less
Other Grains 3% or less
Other Foreign Material 1.0% or less
Weight 325 grams/0.5 L

Nutritional Composition

Nutrient Typical As-Fed Analysis
Crude Protein 12%
Lysine 0.53%
Crude Fiber 1.9%
Crude Fat 6%
Calcium 0.08%
Phosphorous 0.4%

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