Pile of oats grade 1 sample grains
· Form: Oats ·

Premium Oats, also known as Pony Oats, Racehorse Oats or Triple-Cleaned Oats

Oats destined to become Northern Elite Oats - Grade 1 are selected for good color, plumpness, large kernel size, heavy bushel weight, low moisture and low foreign material content. Only the highest quality oats are chosen for Northern Elite Oats - Grade 1.

Upon selection, oats are triple-cleaned, clipped and polished. An in-line dust extraction system further reduces the possibility of dust. At the customer’s request, a small amount of canola oil may be added to give the oat that extra special look. Special care is taken through all stages of processing to ensure a consistently high quality product. The end result is an exceptional quality oat product with uniformity.

Northern Elite Oat - Grade 1 is normally sold to horse owners as whole or crimped (rolled) oats in bags. However they are also available in bulk and mini bulk totes upon request.

Physical Specifications

Color White to Golden
Plumpness 80% minimum, measured on a 6/64 screen typical
Kernel size (length) whole ¾ inch typical
Moisture 13.5% or less typical
Foreign Content 0.75% or less typical
Weight 285 grams/0.5 L
99.5% pure Clipped, polished and sized

Nutritional Composition

Nutrient Typical As-Fed Analysis
Crude Protein 11%
Lysine 0.45%
Crude Fiber 12%
Crude Fat 4%
Calcium 0.04%
Phosphorous 0.36%

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