Alfa-Pro performs on the road and at home

Customer Testimonial - September 1, 2016

“We travel a lot working cattle, so hauling and feeding hay is not very efficient. Alfa-Pro has solved this problem with a complete feed that my ranch horses love. I can feed it in a bucket, bunk or on the ground. My horses can eat the exact same thing at home and on the road. Alfa-Pro is a high-quality, consistent feed that I can pick up at local feed stores when I need it.”

Paul Teegardin, O Cross Ranch

Quitaque, Texas

The proof is in the picture that Alfa-Pro works

Customer Testimonial - June 16, 2016

"Stone Cold is a 23-year-old calf roping horse that was thin and in poor condition.  He was on free choice alfalfa, and a senior feed from another company when Blake Williamson from Hi-Pro Feeds recommended that we try Alfa-Pro.

He immediately started gaining weight and looked much fuller.  His condition, mane, tail and coat improved immensely.  Prior to feeding Alfa-Pro, a local cowboy was at our arena and saw the horse on a regular basis.  About a month after starting Alfa-Pro, he was at our house and asked where we got the new horse.  He didn’t even recognize Stone Cold, and could not believe the change.

The horse loves Alfa-Pro and cleans it up at each feeding.  In addition, it’s easy to load when we are headed out for rodeos, and there is no waste.  Alfa-Pro is an excellent product!"

Missy Elliott

Vernon, Texas